Tea Party

One of the ways we strive to show kids the love of Christ at The Refuge is to let them know they matter. Showering them with gifts, praise, scripture, encouragement, promises of God, and special events...all of these things are tools to reach into the hearts of kids. Every human has a desire to matter. Knowing that the God of the Universe created them for His glory and purposes is the depth we want them to reach. For some, they get this quickly. For others, they put up a front. Being vulnerable and showing emotion is a scary place for some kids. Their defense usually stems from past hurts. We trust that God is at work in these relationship.

The idea of a Tea Party for the girls at The Refuge came from Janet. Janet is one of our newest volunteers, but she comes with loads of life experience. She proposed a special night where the girls can be affirmed in their identity with Christ. Once this idea was birthed, it wasn't long before things were planned and purchased. Bring on the tea cups, little sandwiches, and fancy napkins.

We heard so much positive feedback from the girls. They were so thankful. Each girl also left with some gifts, including their own special tea cup.

A huge thank you goes out to all the ladies at The Refuge. Your willingness to serve is so humbling to watch. You demonstrate the love of Christ in beautiful ways to the kids at The Refuge. 

See some photos below. To see more check Facebook.