What’s Next?

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind.
Big Donation. Big Projects. Opening the 2nd floor. Huge blessings from God.
So what is new?
We are now serving meals in our two dining rooms on the 2nd floor. This allows the kids to sit around a table and enjoy a meal with friends and staff.
The kitchen is in full operation, and Jim is handling all the food aspects (donations, meal planning, etc.) We are serving food every Tuesday and Thursday (with Thursday being food donated by Milton YMCA).
What is next?
-We are in the middle of finishing the vault to be a full-time recreation room. This means stripping and covering the floor with a non-slip epoxy, painting the walls, and covering the lights with cages.
-The art room and music room on the 3rd floor are still being finished. The music room being fairly close to being open….

What about the summer?
All summer we will be doing activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We work with Make Magazine to provide a variety of hands on activities…. We will also be taking trips, doing fun outdoor activities, and even squeezing in some life skills.
Things we did last year:
-Bleach Shirts
-Fishing trip
-Banking/Making a Budget
-Oil Change
-Minute to Win It
-Lego/Knex Challenge
-Photo Scavenger Hunt
-and so much more…
*We are open until 9pm on Tuesdays through the summer.

A non-profit youth center, a safe place to hang out with friends and caring adults.

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